Specializing in small and medium run production, we have developed mechanical and electronic service programs for industrial and commercial clients involved in PCB/PCA design, firmware/software development, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, certification, regulatory compliance testing, and ongoing product support.


With experience comes an understanding of how to develop products and systems that need a faster time to market. Our team can assist you through the entire process, from designing specific functions to integrating remote access for control. If you’re overloaded or even if you’re looking to add-on services temporarily FFI Automation can help. We'll work to resolve demanding technical issues when you have critical fulfillment deadlines and help you to manufacture product more efficiently without extensive downtime. Our most profitable customers consider FFI Automation as a virtual division of their company and not just a supplier but as an in-house resource for troubleshooting, maintenance or engineering.


As a perfect-fit solution FFI Automation has tech support services to meet some of the most exacting requirements of your OEM application. We also understand when repair and/or replacement is needed. If you need dedicated bench time or ongoing design refinement we can help.


Engineering with the experience to design:


1. AC/DC/Servo/Stepper Drives

2. Brushed and Brushless Designs

3. AC/DC/Servo/Stepper Motors

4. Integrated Control Systems

5. Remote control interfaces

6. Sensor Technology integration

7. Operator interface integration

8. Programmable logic control

9. Certifications include: UL, CSA, CE, NEMA, EMI, ESD, FCC & ISO9001

We back our motors with quality assurance and a full commitment to performance,

higher reliability and enhanced functionality at a lower cost.





1. Consistent delivery

    of quality

2. Custom services for

    your business

3. Quality service standards

4. Metrics in place to

    evaluate your needs

5. Our quality service

    commitment that provides

    a seamless experience