Supplied drive motors with power cord, mechanical assembly complete, Enclosure, Controller, Sensors and UL/CE certification.



DC/AC Systems

Open or Closed Loop Operation

Drive Systems

Remote Control Systems


As motor control systems become more specialized and more cost-competitive electric motor control options need to adapt. An FFI motor controller is the answer. We offer a wide range of DC Motor Controllers. Compliant with US and international standards, our engineered design controllers offer convenience and cost-effectiveness in one package.


With so many different available combinations, our Perfect-Fit program will help assure that you get the correct DC motor, controller or combination for your application. Looking for a high speed motor or high torque motor? We will build high speed motor and high torque motor control designs for your OEM product.


FFI can build for you the DC motor, sub assembly and controller that will meet your exact operating needs. We'll match your current electric motor with a high performance controller. We even custom engineer the best controller to go with your current motor. Upgrade your controller and/or motor for high performance automation. Convert the electric motor and controller combinations for series product and/or machinery. With custom board design and motor selection, FFI's Perfect-Fit combinations becomes your very efficient and performance driven OEM product..



   • Microprocessor and DSP Control

   • PWM Motor Control

   • Software Design

   • Integrated Machine and Motion Control

   • Custom Electronics Packaging

   • Experienced with Agency Approval Requirements

   • Low Cost American Manufacturing


The selection of motors and the basic performance characteristics of most of our controllers can fit replacement motors with improved performance characteristics. We’ve engineered a full range of heavy-duty programmable series controllers for both AC and DC applications.



We also supply non-programmable controllers as an economical alternative.

The reverse contact controller allows forward, reverse, and brake operations in accordance with the external input signal. Connecting an external current detection resistor allows over-current detection and peak current control in the PWM operation mode. And has various protective functions built-in. They include function against over-current, overheating and short to ground and short to supply. Furthermore,

it has a regulator built-in, this removes the need to design dead when switching between the forward and reverse operation mode. Upgrade your controller to get more effectiveness out of your machinery.



From design to production, our tech and engineers will evaluate your application .

   • Electric motor control

   • High performance electric motors

   • Motor upgrades

   • High performance conversions

   • Increased motor speed

   • Getting more torque from your controller

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